The Facebook Campus is at the water, and the VR/AR building is very close to the Anza Fishermans Park. As I mentioned the campus didn’t have car charger for quests. So when I finished watching demos and tried the glasses and participated in the portal demo as well, then I first visited a local bicycle shop RIDE by BikeHub. They had free tools outside for quick repairs. I chatted with the shop mechanic, mentioned the GCN video I saw recently about the 36” wheel MONSTER bike. Turns out the owner knows Conor of GCN.

Then I drove my car to the Magic Mountain Playground, because they had chargers there. I had to pay an entrance fee and charging costs money but I still prefer to drive my car in EV mode. As an extra I did a little workout at an outdoor fitness machine park inside the playground property. Then I walked along the Aardvark Beach back to the campus (about a kilometer walk).

Then I chatted with some like minded developers (I demoed my AR / 360 apps such as the AR Physics or the BWSS AR Map or the Recycling Trashcan website). I’m more of an ARCore / Google guy while one of the developers Seth Nuzum has experience with ARKit, Snap Spectacles AR glasses, Unity AR and other AR/VR projects. It’s always so great to interact with like minded people. I need to explore ARKit and other frameworks and devices as well.

After that I watched more demos before I topped the day with a Body Combat demo of my own. I immersed myself into it and kind of started to sweat towards the end. I came and went through the San Mateo toll Bridge (the other choice was to drive towards the Pacheco pass and Casa de Fruta). On the way back home I stopped by the Tracy Target, left my car there to recharge again while I replenished calories at the Golden Corral (about half a mile walk).

On mobile devices click on the cardboard icon to use a VR headset to look around

Look around with directional swipe gestures on touch screens, or use the top-left Google Street View like controls of the YouTube video. Use cardboard or VR headsets if available for more immersive experience.